Welcome to Oranje Son Brewing, brought to you by Stephen Rodermond, a home brewer at heart. With a passion for making beer as a home brewer and over 100 different beers under my belt, Oranje Son is taking things from the home brew level to professional, or more correctly, to Professional Home Brew.

One of Ontario’s smallest breweries, working out of my home garage located in Caledonia, Oranje Son is taking Small Batch Brewing seriously. At 50L per batch, this is a very hands-on approach.  Beers will be available for to-go pick up on Weekends. Or you will find us open on random other days when working on other brewery activities. Follow us on Social media: Facebook, Instagram or Google us for quick updates on extra opening hours and news.

Oranje Son’s name comes from my heritage. Oranje is Orange in Dutch, Orange is the colour of the Dutch royal family, and I am the Son of Dutch immigrants. Hence the name Oranje Son. With a Maple leaf in the J for being Canadian.  Oranje (Or-rine-ya)

118 Sutherland St. West Caledonia Ontario

Hours may differ from week to week

Friday 3:30-8:00

Saturday 12:00-6:00

Sunday 12:00-6:00